Bookstore in Jerusalem

Pillars in Jerusalem

Door in Joppa

The Aquaduct in Israel

Come into the Sanctuary

Church in Christian Quarter

The Door and the Bell

Vine on Church

The Upper Room Door

Bikes with Arches in Jerusalem

Sanctuary Door

Sunlit Room in Jerusalem

The Christian Quarter

Open Window in Jerusalem

Church Door in Jerusalem


Pillars at the Mount of Beatitudes

Garden in the Christian Quarter

Heavy Door in Jerusalem

Pillars of Caesarea

The American Colony

The Colony's Patio

American Colony Windows

Cross on Stone

Doors in Courtyard

Door in Courtyard

Old City Jerusalem

The Menorah and Bible

Caesarea Philippi

Upon This Rock

The Waters at Caesarea Philippi

Shore of Caesarea

Eastern Gate with Purple Flowers

The Gate

The Gate that Will Open Soon

The Eastern Gate

The Gate from Gethsemane

Gate from Mount of Olives

Landscape Eastern Gate

Walls Surrounding Jerusalem

The Garden of Gethsemane

Olive Trees in Garden


The Tomb is Empty

The Garden Tomb

The Western Wall

Star of David on Doors

Feed the Hungry

Boys After School

Girls With Flowers

Nuns in Jerusalem

Sweet Girl

A Long Journey


Reading in Jerusalem

Let's Go!

Artist in Jerusalem


Path to the Empty Tomb

Steps to Pool of Bethesda

Steps Jesus Walked

Boat in the Sea

Boat with Sunrise

Boat in Sea

Sunrise with Boat

The Galilee Shore Line

Sunrise Landscape

Sea of Galilee Sunrise

Sea of Galilee Bright Sunrise

Bright Sunrise at the Sea

Tree at Nimrod's Castle

Flowers by the Sea

Palms at the Jordan River

Potted Flowers in Jerusalem

Flowers Surround Olive Tree

Red and Purple Flowers

Garden In Jerusalem

The Valley of Gehenna

Path to the Valley

Potted Flowers In Israel