HOPE Through Heartbreak


Yesterday morning my son Ben got very personal as he shared a heartbreak he has been through and going through.

You will want to watch the above,  because what Satan meant for evil, God has and will continue to turn it for the good.  We ALREADY see this happening so incredibly as countless people who have been wounded by those they have loved are being moved to give their hearts to Our Loving Father. 

As Ben said yesterday, “Give your hearts to God, because he will take such good care of it.”


Ben knows more than EVER, That Our God of HOPE is more real, more beautiful, more trustworthy, more faithful than he ever has before.  So because of that, Ben will be proclaiming this truth every single place he shares from up front, every where he goes one on one in an even more convincing way because  he KNOWS this truth in the deepest part of his soul to an even greater extent.

We all go through super hard things in our life.  So often for whatever reason in those hard times people say "Why God?" and walk away from Him.  What Ben is exemplifying in the most real tangible way, that it is in these hard times that God shows himself strong.  That it is in these time you do NOT walk away from God because you will find Him to be your everything.  God is proving His trustworthiness and faithfulness so very strong.

Sweet reader, today in no way walk away from Our Saviour in the hard times, because it is in those times as you look to Him, read his loving Word, conversate with Him, and cry out to him, you will see Him be your victor.  You will see him "restore the years the locust have eaten."

“Truly God is good..”
— Psalms 73:1

Beautiful Baby Rel

Born 2-1-17-6lbs 15 oz- 21 inches tall. Creation at it's finest!

Born 2-1-17-6lbs 15 oz- 21 inches tall. Creation at it's finest!

Okay. My heart is smitten.

I've got myself a new beautiful baby granddaughter.  She is so precious and sweet.  I'm already in love with her and I just met her a week and a half ago!

To watch MY daughter LOVE and be such a LOVING mother is beyond amazing to watch.  The love Rel is experiencing from her Daddy Shea and Big Bro Ev is too cute and precious for words!

The way we are smitten with new Baby Rel pales in comparison to the LOVE GOD FEELS FOR US! He wants nothing but the best for us. Even as we want nothing but the best for our baby Rel.

That's a LOT OF LOVE.  Thats something to treasure today.  The knowledge and understanding that our GOD has EVEN GREATER love for us than we do for our new baby Rel.

We can be comforted and encouraged by this.  Let's think about the concerns and worries we might have at this very moment.  God's got this! He does! Bask in the love of God today and we will be at great peace and have a beautiful day! 

Beautiful Baby Rel Emaline Parton! 

Beautiful Baby Rel Emaline Parton! 

Shhhhhh... my new baby sis is sleeping! - Big Bro Ev

Shhhhhh... my new baby sis is sleeping! - Big Bro Ev

Up or Down?

Joppa Israel - Photo available under "Shop Photographs."

Joppa Israel - Photo available under "Shop Photographs."

We are at any moment stepping higher are falling lower.  

God has given us free choice on who we are going to be.  He has given us a choice on wether we are going to be apart of this great calling of being lights in this world.  Or he has given us the choice to be apart of the darkness.  God didn't make robots.

Today we will have very real choices.  To walk up towards our heavenly call. To stand up for what is beautiful and right.  Taking the steps up to all things pure and beautiful.  To look to our Father for guidance in hard times.  To worship Him and be thankful to Him. To trust him with our lives.

We also need to trust God with those in our lives who might not be choosing the way up but rather we see them go down.  We need to trust our Father with that loved one.  

Sometimes, they will go down a bit more before we see them choose to begin going up.  If we try and make them into something they are not choosing for themselves, they will know how to fake it for a little while but then their true colors will begin pouring out again and again. 

If we try and pull them up without it being there choice, they will be fighting against us and end up falling over the edge even in a worse way.  We need to know our Father loves that person even MORE than we do!  It would be wrong for us to justify and support that person in their bad choices or act like it is okay.  We want to be those that speak the truth in their lives and not tippy-toe around them and who they have become.  But we can do that in LOVE with confidence.   We can shine around them more than ever but we need to be FREE from being the one who is feeling the pressure to change them.  Because in all honesty, we can't.  There is ONE God. And it will have to be Him that becomes that for and to them.

Be free today from feeling responsible for that child, that spouse, that co-worker, that roommate, that boss, or whoever it might be.

Let's just keep being those that take the steps UP towards all that is light.  Bringing heaven to earth and  God will shine through us.  Let's let God do the miracle in that person we love and care for so very much.  He will do a far better job at bringing them to, or back to the light.  

We may sometimes think, "Oh shoot, but I keep falling myself!" God knows what we are made of.  God actually MADE us so He told us the way to move forward.  We can easily even now say "Father I fail.  I fail again and again but YOU pick me up.  You show grace.  I can grab mercy today. Thank you Father." and you will find yourself bouncing back up with more vigor and more energy and renewed vision.

It is SUPER fun to rise higher.  To choose LIFE, LIGHT, and LOVE.  Let's be people saying I'm going UP and ALL who want to can come with me are welcome to join. Let's just keep it up and those that are not choosing this for themselves, will eventual want to come by their own will.  Be free today knowing God's got this!

“Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee..”
— Psalms 55:22


"We have now bridged the gap from despair to hope w/ the Promises of God!" -Ben Courson

"We have now bridged the gap from despair to hope w/ the Promises of God!" -Ben Courson

If you're like me you are looking for ways today, to bridge any gaps we have from concerns and hurts and from despair over to... HOPE in GOD! 

You're wanting to be lifted up with TRUTH!

You're looking for ways to get your mind all straightened out and your heart invigorated and your life motivated to walk in the beautiful calling God has for you.

If you are like me in these things,  then take the time even now, to take in and absorb this powerful Hope Generation Creative; Promises, that features my son Ben, proclaiming from memory the scriptures, filmed in one continuous take. 

Try getting alone and turning up these promise of God that are specially for YOU...and ABOSORB them.

Then share it so that others are revitalized today. 

Cultivate FRUIT

Jerusalem Israel

Jerusalem Israel

Don't we all want to be people who cultivate fruit in our lives and those around us?  How do we do that?

Let me begin by discussing a few sure ways that don't produce good fruit:

1- Speak unkind words about others. -You may say "Tambo, but I'm right about what I am saying about that person!" First of all I would say "Who cares. Because we are wrong when we speak evil of others.  We are wrong when we turn others against someone.  Not to mention the idea that, what if your or my opinion, what IF our opinions, I say again, is it possible our opinion is actually wrong anyway?"😭 We have ALL done this.  But we can ALL stop also.  And when we have started again.  We can stop again. 😊

2- Focus on and trying to fix others. -Again, which of us have not tried doing this from time to time.

3- Lack Faith, Loose Hope, and Abandon Love.  -Here we are again falling short.

BUT, what makes the difference between people who bring a lot of fruit and impact this world with the beauty of all God wants us to bring into this world, is what we own up to where we have failed, and then look to Our Father to empower us to be the people HE has called us to be.

If we want to be humans that at the end of our lives we look back, and others look back at our lives as people that  cultivated Fruit, cultivated the JOY of the Lord in this world, then let's begin moving forward in the following things:

A- Speak words of kindness.  It's actually not hard to pick people apart. Once someone decides to do that, they will have no problem finding fault with ANYONE because every one of us fall short.  Maybe that's why the Bible talks so much about believing the best.  About the power of words. About forgiveness. About LOVE being the most important thing.

Even now in our heads we might be justifying why we speak unkind words in our particular situations, but lets be so courageous that we pray "Lord, first show me who I am speaking against and where am I speaking unkind word.  Father is there a better way to accomplish positive outcome and accomplish what YOU want me to do and be.  God, is my words causing others to LOVE other people more ... or less?  And now Father thank you for forgiving me and help me to bring beautiful fruit."

B- Pray that we see OUR blind spots.  Pray for wisdom on how to better ourselves in order to impact the world drawing people to God's loving kindness.  Get excited about our great and high calling God has ordained for us personally.  We can be people who bring heaven on earth.  We can be people who are helpers of others joy.  When we see where others might be falling short (because throughout life, this will always be the case) in some of their abilities, let's see how in a positive way we can help pick up the slack... help accomplish the over all goal, and pray for them instead of coming down on them in our own heads or to others. We can trust God will help them in their shortcoming just like he will help us in our shortcomings.

C- Have Faith in our Loving God.  That His ways are right and true and all things beautiful. Have Hope in the "God of Hope," =  a belief that our faithful God of the past will be our faithful God in the future. And finally let's Love God and love others. 

As we begin more and more rejecting and turning away from the actions of 1-3, and begin incorporating A-C... our lives will surely end up in a much more glorious place and we will have truly been the kind of human that impacts this world being the lights that we are called to be.

Root me on in these things as I root you on my friends!

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control: against such things there is no law.
— Galatians 5:22-23



The Son/Sun Rises

Sunrise on the Sea of Galilee

Sunrise on the Sea of Galilee

I love the message my husband Jon has shared several times before, regarding the fact that the cross is the answer for every single thing.  The message he shares on this specifically is called "Cross Training."

This picture makes me think of the beauty of this truth.

Because of what Jesus did on the cross... Because the Son rose... The Sun rises.

Light shines in our day every day because of His beauty.  Because of his non-stop love for me and for you and for the whole world.

Let's all, each of us today, no exceptions... look to the cross and on through it to the Son shining there ready for us to be warmed by His love.  His grace.  Warmed by all that is good and lovely.  

Today is a day we can bask in that love! God is so good.  He is so beautiful.  His love is great!

For it is you who light my lamp; The Lord my God lightens my darkness.
— Psalms 18:28

Pops Speaks My Language

Me and Pops before the service yesterday

Me and Pops before the service yesterday

Pops (Everett Elder) speaks my language.

Pops has been through a lot!  More than I can certainly mention in this post... From his growing up years, to real life WW2 stories (the plane he was flying got shot... many friends died), daughter (Terry 29) and granddaughter (Jessica 16)  going to heaven at young ages, taking care of beautiful Nadine during her bout with dementia, etc... etc... etc...

Memorial Service 12-22-16

Memorial Service 12-22-16

But his life speaks to me because he has a "book worthy" story, but would never even think of writing a story of the "drama" he has been through... because he has never seen it like that.  In fact, I'm not kidding you when I say, if someone said "I am sorry for all you have gone through!" he would reply "What have I gone through?"  He wouldn't even get it.  And that's one of the main things I LOVE about him.

He is a man without guile. 

His life speaks to me so powerfully because he sees his life not in drama form, but in one way.  "Wow, God is such a GOOD God and He is so faithful."

He is full of good cheer and kindness.  He is a fun person to be around. always!

I love Pops. And he is a brilliant role model for us all.

Pops lives this verse:

Truly He (God) is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will not be shaken.”
— Psalm 62:6

Nadine Elder

Nadine and I July 4, 16 on her birthday.

Nadine and I July 4, 16 on her birthday.

I remember, just married, at the age of 19 years old, making the decision to fully involve and love on P.J., Jess, and Christy's grandparents before even meeting them:  Everett and Nadine Elder (Terry's parents).  

Little did I know, they would end up being some of my all-time FAVORITE people on the planet.  

They made the decision to move from Santa Cruz, California and come live by our family in Jacksonville, Oregon only a few years after I married Jon. They not only were (are) amazing grandparents to our 3 oldest kids, but were no different to Mary and Ben.  They would attend ALL 5 of the kids' games and events.  They would babysit and stay with the kids even while our being on a long trip to Israel.  They would always have encouraging words for all of us.  Papa tutored Mary in math and Grammy would sew Ben some Bible character clothing because as a little guy he would love to "act out" the Bible characters. Papa would give Peter his first computer and get him all set up in his room.  Grammy would sit and talk so graciously and sweetly full of wisdom to Christy and Jessie.  

Grammy went home to be with the Lord yesterday morning.  She SHINED... up to the very moment she went to heaven. I can't help but think about just how GOOD God is to bless me with her.  The love and closeness we shared is something I will treasure forever!  I strive to be like her.  That is, simply beautiful in every way!

I have so many personal memories of her.  Here are a few: Many years ago when I still had 5 kids running around the house and I had lots of house work to do, one of those busy days I was cleaning everywhere in our house and around our little property, I noticed at the end of the day that the diamond on my wedding ring got loose and fell off somewhere.  I searched everywhere and couldn't find it.  Nadine had heard about it and said "Honey, I have a diamond I want to give you."  It was a diamond she had had and insisted on having that put in my ring.  How special do you think this diamond is to me?  

I would come back from running errands only to find that not only had she spent a wonderful time with the kids, but she cleaned out my fridge as well. 

She personally sewed a bunch of my maternity clothes, needlepointed "Mother of the Year Award"  for me and framed it. And on and on I could go.

I remember feeling honored as she would confide in me as we had so many meaningful conversations. She was also a constant encourager to me all the time of all things God, Light and Beauty.  She made me feel loved and appreciated in every way!  

I love her and will miss her.  Yet the reality of who she was here on earth and the impact she made is something I will forever treasure. And her being in heaven this very moment fills my heart with joy beyond words. 




My hand with Nadine's... and my diamond... 

My hand with Nadine's... and my diamond...