HOPE Through Heartbreak


Yesterday morning my son Ben got very personal as he shared a heartbreak he has been through and going through.

You will want to watch the above,  because what Satan meant for evil, God has and will continue to turn it for the good.  We ALREADY see this happening so incredibly as countless people who have been wounded by those they have loved are being moved to give their hearts to Our Loving Father. 

As Ben said yesterday, “Give your hearts to God, because he will take such good care of it.”


Ben knows more than EVER, That Our God of HOPE is more real, more beautiful, more trustworthy, more faithful than he ever has before.  So because of that, Ben will be proclaiming this truth every single place he shares from up front, every where he goes one on one in an even more convincing way because  he KNOWS this truth in the deepest part of his soul to an even greater extent.

We all go through super hard things in our life.  So often for whatever reason in those hard times people say "Why God?" and walk away from Him.  What Ben is exemplifying in the most real tangible way, that it is in these hard times that God shows himself strong.  That it is in these time you do NOT walk away from God because you will find Him to be your everything.  God is proving His trustworthiness and faithfulness so very strong.

Sweet reader, today in no way walk away from Our Saviour in the hard times, because it is in those times as you look to Him, read his loving Word, conversate with Him, and cry out to him, you will see Him be your victor.  You will see him "restore the years the locust have eaten."

“Truly God is good..”
— Psalms 73:1