Smile. It's a powerful weapon!

Grambo with Baby Ev! 😍

Grambo with Baby Ev! 😍

A couple weeks ago (pictured above) as I was holding my grandson Everett, I was thinking there is not a time that my heart isn't completely captured by his adorable genuine smile.  It truly gets me every time!

It makes me want to remind us all that Our Father loves LOVES to see us smile.  We are created in His image I believe for reasons just like this.  So that we are aware of the joy He feels when we smile.

Let's be those today looking for the good.  Let's be those that find reasons to smile because they are there. A smile is a powerful we smile our spirits begin being lifted up, and also it lifts the spirits around us.

As we smile, we will be making the Father smile. That's just cool!

A cheerful look brings joy to the heart...
— Proverbs 15:30