Pops Speaks My Language

Me and Pops before the service yesterday

Me and Pops before the service yesterday

Pops (Everett Elder) speaks my language.

Pops has been through a lot!  More than I can certainly mention in this post... From his growing up years, to real life WW2 stories (the plane he was flying got shot... many friends died), daughter (Terry 29) and granddaughter (Jessica 16)  going to heaven at young ages, taking care of beautiful Nadine during her bout with dementia, etc... etc... etc...

Memorial Service 12-22-16

Memorial Service 12-22-16

But his life speaks to me because he has a "book worthy" story, but would never even think of writing a story of the "drama" he has been through... because he has never seen it like that.  In fact, I'm not kidding you when I say, if someone said "I am sorry for all you have gone through!" he would reply "What have I gone through?"  He wouldn't even get it.  And that's one of the main things I LOVE about him.

He is a man without guile. 

His life speaks to me so powerfully because he sees his life not in drama form, but in one way.  "Wow, God is such a GOOD God and He is so faithful."

He is full of good cheer and kindness.  He is a fun person to be around. always!

I love Pops. And he is a brilliant role model for us all.

Pops lives this verse:

Truly He (God) is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will not be shaken.”
— Psalm 62:6