Flowers Speak

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If you go to my little cottage where I live in Jacksonville, you will see that I always have fresh flowers out.

I LOVE flowers.  There are few things more glorious than flowers.  Flowers Speak.  They speak of God's creativity and beauty.  They fill a room with a sweet aroma.  They bring "happy" into your day.

God has given us the ability to notice, appreciate, and even surround ourselves with beauty.  I think we can often forget about that.    

I had a darling little 98 year old neighbor Elaine (now in Heaven) who said something I'll always remember because it just makes me smile.  She would say, "This tree is showing off" as we would walk by a tree smothered in blossoms. 

Just a thought for today, If you are able, go to your local farmers market or even grocery store and pick up some fresh flowers.  As you see them everyday throughout the week, pause and think about how amazing our Creator is to bring such beauty into this world.  And reflect on the fact that that same Creator loves and cares for you so much!

Let's surround ourselves with beauty. If you aren't able to get flowers, there are lots of other ways to surround ourselves with things that are lovely. We can turn on inspiring music.  Maybe open the shades and let the sun shine in. 

But regardless, let's first of all pause and notice the beautiful things God has already put around us... and then let's stop and think about ways we can surround ourselves with more beauty... Because there is always something we can do!

It’s fun when we realize God has given us the ability to notice and even usher in beauty ...
— Tambo 🌼