Mmmmmmmmmm 😋

I took this picture of my Grandson Ev.  He's delighted because if you look closely you will see in his left hand and surrounding his lips as well, one of his Mommy's homemade cookies that I gave him.   😋

So far Everett has only said two words.  The first one is "Mama."

The second one is "Mmmmmmm."  

He doesn't say "Mmmmmm" when he's eating his vegetables.  He does it when he's eating a cookie or something like that. 

Let's be like Ev today and say "Mmmmmm."  Not just at the delicious food we are blessed to eat.  But also let's say "Mmmmm" as we taste and see that the Lord is Good throughout the day. 

The Lord is GOOD!  

We can pray even now that we would taste his goodness throughout the day, even if it seems like a day (metaphorically speaking) full of vegetables,  because even that is filling us with vitamins that will make us stronger.  

It's so beautiful that we can find all our security in that goodness and take refuge in that fact.

So let's thank God for His  goodness!  Because the Lord is Mmmmmm... soooo GOOD!


Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.
— Psalm 34:8