Don't take it personally...Just Laugh!

A few weeks ago I was sitting on a little bench in our front garden.  I was holding and feeding my grandson Ev and talking to Jon and my daughter Mary. 

While I was doing that... IT....BROKE! 

As It was breaking right from underneath me it felt like we were falling in slow motion.  I was thinking, "this is embarrassing" and laughing so hard at the same time.  Trust me, so were Jon and Mary(As far as Ev was concerned, he didn't care at all and just continued to take that last bite as we were tumbling.  He seemed to think it was no big deal.) 😂

The picture above is the broken bench after I moved it to the side yard and  broke it down to put it in the garbage.  The picture of me and Ev on the "about" page on my website was taken right after this happened! 😄

Embarrassing things happen in life.  

Let's laugh.  Let's live.  Let's not take things quite so personally.  Let's take a lot more things a lot less seriously and just laugh more. God's got it all under control even when we don't.

God created us to laugh, there must be some value in it! 😉
— Tambo