Follow Me

Steps Jesus Walked  (photo available in "shop")

Steps Jesus Walked (photo available in "shop")

The best way to move forward is to be clear on who we are following. 

Jesus said over and over again, "Follow Me."

As we follow In Jesus' footsteps and walk where He has already cleared the way for us, we go farther faster.  

I love that we know WHO to follow.  Which means we know HOW to walk.  Which means we will end up where we are designed to BE. 

Sometimes we get confused and can worry about the future, but that's where "one step at a time" comes in.  Just take one more step following in Jesus' footsteps! 

I love that we have a present relationship with God.  I can talk and walk with Him.  He is faithful to light the right path.  To empower us to go where we are to go. 

We will end up in a place of saying, "Wow...God... you did above and beyond all I could have asked for or even though!" 

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.
— John 10:27