Security and Confidence Like Ev

This picture was taken yesterday as my daughter, grandson, and I went out for lunch at the Americana in L.A.  just a few miles from Mary's home.

Ev's expression and body language here say more than words ever could of just how secure, confident, and content he feels.  Look at his face looking at his Mommy: he's admiring her and joy is filling his heart, as you can clearly see in his smile.  You can also sense the relaxed security he feels.  Look at his little arms just sitting there all relaxed while he's in Grambo's arms! 😍

Bottom line: the kid knows he's loved! ❤️ He is so confident in that fact.

Do we really know HOW LOVED we are by God?  We are even more loved by God than Ev is by his Mom and Grambo, and that is saying a LOT!

As we learn this more and more with each passing day, I really think our expressions and body language will look a lot more like Ev's does in this photo.

Know sweet reader... You. are. loved. by. God! Let's have confidence today in this love. 

Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.
— Jeremiah 17:7