Take That Road

Road in Greece  -"Shop" photo

Road in Greece -"Shop" photo

Has the Lord shown you and I a specific road we are to go on, yet for a variety of reasons we haven't yet taken the journey?

Maybe there is someone we are to reach out to. Or an elderly person in our life that we know we are to stop in and visit more often.  Maybe it's forgiving that person that you feel has wronged you. Or perhaps it's the road of focusing on an ability God has given you and you are to strengthen that talent. Or it might be making a point to speak life instead of death to yourself and to others ... but you, or I, just haven't gone down that road even though we know we are supposed to. Even though we know it's the right thing.

Time to go down that road.  No more excuses.  Let's just take that road now. 👆You won't regret it and nether will I. 

Let's not worry about what's around the corner or further down the path that we can't see yet. Let's just begin the journey and Our Father will  guide us, empower us and direct us.  He really will.

Make me to know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths.
— Psalm 25:4