Up or Down?

Joppa Israel -  Photo available under "Shop Photographs."

Joppa Israel - Photo available under "Shop Photographs."

We are at any moment stepping higher are falling lower.  

God has given us free choice on who we are going to be.  He has given us a choice on wether we are going to be apart of this great calling of being lights in this world.  Or he has given us the choice to be apart of the darkness.  God didn't make robots.

Today we will have very real choices.  To walk up towards our heavenly call. To stand up for what is beautiful and right.  Taking the steps up to all things pure and beautiful.  To look to our Father for guidance in hard times.  To worship Him and be thankful to Him. To trust him with our lives.

We also need to trust God with those in our lives who might not be choosing the way up but rather we see them go down.  We need to trust our Father with that loved one.  

Sometimes, they will go down a bit more before we see them choose to begin going up.  If we try and make them into something they are not choosing for themselves, they will know how to fake it for a little while but then their true colors will begin pouring out again and again. 

If we try and pull them up without it being there choice, they will be fighting against us and end up falling over the edge even in a worse way.  We need to know our Father loves that person even MORE than we do!  It would be wrong for us to justify and support that person in their bad choices or act like it is okay.  We want to be those that speak the truth in their lives and not tippy-toe around them and who they have become.  But we can do that in LOVE with confidence.   We can shine around them more than ever but we need to be FREE from being the one who is feeling the pressure to change them.  Because in all honesty, we can't.  There is ONE God. And it will have to be Him that becomes that for and to them.

Be free today from feeling responsible for that child, that spouse, that co-worker, that roommate, that boss, or whoever it might be.

Let's just keep being those that take the steps UP towards all that is light.  Bringing heaven to earth and  God will shine through us.  Let's let God do the miracle in that person we love and care for so very much.  He will do a far better job at bringing them to, or back to the light.  

We may sometimes think, "Oh shoot, but I keep falling myself!" God knows what we are made of.  God actually MADE us so He told us the way to move forward.  We can easily even now say "Father I fail.  I fail again and again but YOU pick me up.  You show grace.  I can grab mercy today. Thank you Father." and you will find yourself bouncing back up with more vigor and more energy and renewed vision.

It is SUPER fun to rise higher.  To choose LIFE, LIGHT, and LOVE.  Let's be people saying I'm going UP and ALL who want to can come with me are welcome to join. Let's just keep it up and those that are not choosing this for themselves, will eventual want to come by their own will.  Be free today knowing God's got this!

“Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee..”
— Psalms 55:22