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Lithia Park - Ashland Oregon

Lithia Park - Ashland Oregon

There are many paths we can take.  We can take paths of regret. Or we can take the path of life.

Like for example the path of regret can be the path of gossip, listening to gossip, defending ourselves, putting others down, thinking about ourselves and not others, cheating, lying, deceit, bad attitudes, grumpiness, disbelief, negativity, hatred, etc... 

It's interesting how often we take this path and justify  it to ourselves thinking we will beat the "system," but because it is God that put the "system" into place, and He has told us this way WILL NOT benefit us even if there is temporarily a sense that the path is working for us... it will not end up working for us at all. no exception. 

God forgives. That's the good news. 

So let's talk about the other path we can take.  It's the path of Faith, Hope, And Charilty.

It's the path of life. It's realizing GOD is with us today and we get to live it with HIM.  It's trusting God will be our defender. It's finding the best in others. It's loving even our enemies. It's being truthful.  it's having a good attitude full of good cheer, it's lifting up our concerns for ourselve to God and trusting HIM with our lives (He proves Himself faithful every time), and then caring for others and showing love for others and putting our energy into others. etc... 

Let's take the path that is beautiful. 

And now abideth faith, hope, and love, these three; and the greatest of these is love.
— 1 Corinthians 13:13