A New Role

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My beautiful daughter Mary is going to have a baby girl come this February. This is news we are all celebrating like crazy.  I seriously can't wait to meet her! 

One of the things that is so fun for me to think about is that my adorable grandson Everett is going to have a new role added to his little stature.  He will be a "Big Brother."  (Notice he's already wearing the t-shirt!) 

He isn't even fully aware of what's to come, but all of a sudden he will be given a new role.  He will be an awesome big brother.  He will have fun with his little sister and play with her and laugh with her and protect her. 

Like Ev, we too throughout our lives have new roles given to us.  The choices we make as far as what we do with them impact so much about who we are and what happens around us.

It could be a good idea to stop and think about the roles we have been given and pray for strength, guidance, and wisdom in our roles and to have fun with it.  We all have an opportunity to be a role model to someone; let's have fun living up to it. 

We of course all fail in our roles at times, but today is a new great day to take it on with determination and, like Ev, we too can wear the t-shirt. 👍

In all things show yourself to be an example of good deeds...
— Titus 2:7