The Oracles of God

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Ever since my son Benjamin was a little guy, I've known God was going to use him in a powerful way.  He's now 28 and it has come to pass, yet God's calling on his life has only just begun. 

Just over a couple weeks ago, Ben put out one of my very favorite things he's done.  It's this video I'm posting here.  

This link takes you to Ben speaking the Oracles of God.  

There is just no other way to put it.  

Though Ben is speaking from memory here, the point is not memorizing Bible verses but rather taking in the promises of God and absorbing them.  Pausing to think about how GOOD God is and how MUCH He loves us.

So today, even if you have already watched this video, re-watch it!

If at all possible, find a spot by yourself and turn it up loud and listen to every word.

Take these promises in for YOURSELF.  Not for your neighbor or your friend or your spouse.  This is meant for YOU today. 

Then after you've done that ...  share this video with everyone. 🙌

From Hope Generation's Youtube Channel, HG Creative: Positives

If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God...
— 1 Peter 4:11