Young People πŸ‘

My four granddaughters are some of my all-time favorite people to hang with. 

They inspire me with their creativity, beauty, winsomeness, honesty, kindness, love, joy, humor, perspective, and uniqueness. 

When they come over, I'm able to take in all of the above through each of them. 

We all love art which makes it extra fun to hang out.  They are all gifted artists, and I love watching each of them take a blank canvas and do their thing with it.  All so good yet all different. (Great lessons through this thought alone). 

You can see some of this pictured below. Bailey's, Sadie's, and Lula's beautiful paintings.  I love Char's personality because she will paint a great piece rather quickly, and then head straight for chilling with popcorn and a movie ✌️(So I missed the opportunity to catch her painting). 

Bailey Courson Sadie Courson Char Courson Lula Courson Tammy Courson


As we sit over dinner, I marvel at their fun thoughts and beautiful ideas and perspectives.  They always make me smile, and they just do me good. They refresh me and give me an important perspective. 

So often as adults we can think kids are to be learning from us, which of course is true.  But it is also true that WE can learn from KIDS/YOUNG PEOPLE.  Let's not miss that.πŸ‘Š 

In fact, let's stop for just a few seconds and think about what this world would be without young people.  Now we can easily move on from that thought and be super grateful and value youth.

Because this world would be a sad place without them. 

If at all possible, hang with a young person sometime soon.  Not with the intent to teach them something, but rather with the intent to LEARN something.

I can see why in the Bible it says to young people:

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young...
— 1 Timothy 4:12