A warm welcome to you who are visiting my site.  This is a new and fun venture for me to share some thoughts in this setting.

You may notice my icon in my logo is a painted sunshine and that's because there are few things I like more than the sun.

I love the glow it casts over the sky and the warmth it brings.  It brightens up any room and it draws you.

It represents for me what I aim for and want to be while on this earth.  That is, someone who shines brightly the love of God and brings a sweet sense of warmth wherever I go.

I believe each of us have been given the choice of what we focus on and who we are putting our trust in within each and every day.

Let's see any dark clouds dissipate as we focus on our victorious God who is here for us in every way. 

A Father who we can cast all our concerns and cares on, who loves each and every one of us so much.

I believe as we make these kinds of choices.  It will directly influence how much sunshine (metaphorically speaking) we are able to experience and how much sunshine we are able to bring into other peoples day and lives as well. 

We can actually draw others to our Father by how much we shine. 

Welcome! #TamboArt

Again, warm greetings to you and my hope is that this site brings a splash of sunshine into your day!