Have Fun Today!

Rogue Regional Medical Center - Medford Oregon

Rogue Regional Medical Center - Medford Oregon

A couple weeks ago my oldest son Peter-John had the WORST day of his life and the BEST day of his life.

Many of you already know the details but to sum it up, he was once again in the hospital with operations and the worst pain and situation of his life (which says a lot because he has been through a LOT)!

In the midst of this at one point, he was caught up in a very real vision of heaven.  

I will never forget sitting by his bedside the morning he woke up from this vision.  His eyes were full of excitement and joy as he kept saying "It was SO FUN, SO FUN, SO MUCH FUN... but FUN with MEANING!" (BTW "fun" isn't a word Peter often uses so it really stood out.)

I've thought so much about this and my heart is so full of joy (understatement here) that God blessed Peter-John with this precious vision, and in Peter's very own words, "making it all worth it." Wow!  That's big!

I've also thought how can I digest this news?  That heaven is SOOOO FUN yet with great meaning.

My Tambo thoughts go to this place...  "Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." -Matthew 6:10

If heaven is full of fun with meaning... I'm thinking God wants to bring that to earth as well.

Of course this gives us so much to look forward to when the day comes that we enter into eternity.  But meanwhile, we are here on earth for a reason.

I believe we are meant to be a part of God bringing some heaven to earth!  This is an exciting journey we are on here. WE get to be apart of bringing FUN with MEANING to earth.

Can this earth be filled with more fun and meaning?  

Is part of the meaningful fun, understanding that our lives can have great impact here on earth as we have a God-given calling?  ... Each one different than the next.  God is SOOO GOOD which makes LIFE GOOD!

You might be saying "Life doesn't feel so good; in fact like Peter-John this is the worst day of my life." ... I would reply... "Don't give up because maybe like Peter-John it will turn out to be the best day of your life too."

I've found that from the biggest to the smallest things in life, that God turns the actual things that are bad... into something good as we keep walking with Him.

I think part of why you guys might be joining me with these posts is because you, like me, love inspiration in your day.  To be reminded of how good God is.  We know doing this will make a life difference. 

Today we came to a glorious conclusion that this life can be fun with meaning, fun with purpose!

Walking with God on this beautiful earth He has created doesn't compare to what's coming, but it sure is cool that we get to enjoy so much beauty and we get to be a art of something so epic. 

I'd love for our prayers today to be something like, "Father, show us and empower us today to have heaven brought to earth through you living in and through our lives.  Bring heaven to earth as our days our full of fun with purpose.  Help us to impact and be impacted to walk with You!  Show us specific ways of how to bring fun with meaning into this world."

I'm thinking others will be drawn to people who have fun with purpose!  I know I am sure drawn to that!

So friends, have a meaningful and fun fun fun day today! 

Heavenly Hugs to each of you!

...Your will be done (having fun with meaning), on earth as it is in heaven.
— Matthew 6:10