Make Your Choice

My Studio 😊

My Studio 😊

I love making every inch count in my small cottage and studio.  We have about a  750 sq. foot home, and my studio/guest area is about 350 sq. feet.  We don't have a storage unit anywhere so it's fun to really make every square inch count.  

With this amount of square feet, we have plenty of room to work with for the two of us, but we also need to choose what we REALLY like to have around us to keep things organized and fun.

The picture above is an area I designed that is both happy for me to look at but also has usable mugs I can choose from or my guests can choose from. 

What's happier than choosing from a colorful group of mugs in the morning?!

Our day is full of choices.  Maybe our days start off with the fun choice of which mug we are going to take our first sip of coffee or tea from... But we do know that our day is FULL of choices.

Of course we have fun easy choices in our day, but we will also have more substantial choices we will be making today.

Choose what is right today.  Choose to go for the things God has put on our hearts. Choose forgiveness.  Choose rising above our circumstances.  Choose to trust God.  Choose to talk and walk with God.  Choose kindness and love.  Choose to speak life to ourselves and into others. 

The choices we make will influence how are day goes and how we feel about our day at the end of our day.  Our choices will also make a difference on those around us. 

We can sometimes feel that we have already made way too many bad choices in our life and it's too late to start making good and right choices.  But today is a new day GOD has handed you and I.  His mercies are NEW EVERY MORNING! ☀️

We can also, at times, feel that our choices won't really matter, or that we are just too weak or foolish to make the right choices, and even if we did it would make no difference to anyone else...

...but an interesting choice GOD has made is this: God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty (1 Corinthians 1:27).

This is pretty awesome!

So let's look to God for strength and wisdom in our choices throughout our day today and confound the "wise" and the things that are "mighty."