Better Humans Matter

Today is my oldest son Peter-John's birthday.  Both digits have turned on him this year from 39 to 40.

What?  (you say)  40?

I KNOW!  I said the same thing!  😭 When I married Jon, P.J. was only 8 years old and now he's 40? Time does fly!

When you think through one's life you think of their overall person and monumental moments in their lives and how they handled them.

The photo below was taken on what I thought at the time was a monumental day. It was taken right after Peter and I came back from him passing his Oregon's drivers license test. 

But as big as this day was, it didn't compare to moments that would end up being far more monumental. 

I can't help but think of a monumental moment that happened just this past year in Peter's life. He had to have brain surgeries that were just flat out scary. The outcome looked really bleak. Perhaps he was going to end up not even being able to put two sentences together Dr.s told us.  Or maybe even worse. 

But then God decided to do the miraculous and heal him! 

Not only can he put two sentences together, but even more important, he is a better human BECAUSE of it!

He is very literally, a better person! And as a Mom, it is fun to see Our God turn even this, literally around for the good.

The hard things in life can make us better humans, IF we let them.

Why does it matter if Peter is a better person or any of us for that matter?

First of all it just does! (Don't you love my logic here)  😊

Second of all, We have the potential to make someone else's day a little brighter and it attracts more people to us.  And when they're attracted to us, they want to find out more about us, and were our strength comes from. 

And then maybe others follow us as we follow Christ. And then they too become better humans.

And the more "Better Humans" there are, the better the world becomes.

WHO a person is matters.  It REALLY matters. 

Who are you? 

Who am I?

It does matter who we actually ARE. 

Let's pray God guides us and empowers us through the big things we go through, but also even the small annoyances throughout our day, because how we react to these things, actually determines who we actually become.

We ALL have certainly failed at how we deal and react to things that come our way. But today is a entirely new day my friends.

Maybe you're someone just trying to pass your drivers license or maybe today you are someone who just got what seems to be the worst news ever.

Look to God for strength. 

Talk to Him.

Trust Him.

Thank Him for all he HAS done in the past, and all that He IS going to do to turn even the hard things in our lives around for the good!

And you too, like Peter, will turn up a better human too. And remember Better humans matter. 


Happy Birthday P.J.C.!  


I love you. I'm proud of you. I'm thankful you are an even better human as you are turning the big 4-0!.