You Are Growing



When We bought our little cottage in Jacksonville, it was pretty much in need of lots of TLC.  Including the yard.  The yard was full of dirt and dirt alone (See "before" photo below).

It was fun to design and landscape.  It's only been about 4 years and you can see how the gardens have taken root and grown into pretty flowers and greenery. It's turned out to be a peaceful and tranquil backyard. 

When I go in my backyard today (pictured above), I forget what it used to look like until I think back or look at an old picture.  I think our lives walking with God our much like this.

We sometimes get discouraged because we know the steps backwards we've taken, but we forget about the steps forward we've taken... And we aren't actually able to see our growth accurately.

But I want to tell you, as you walk with God, walking in wisdom and understanding... you are growing.  Even if you don't notice it yourself.

So don't give up.  Through the spiritual rain and sunshine you are growing.

Maybe you're saying, "Actually I haven't been walking with God in wisdom and understanding, and I've taken my life to the spiritual metaphor of your backyard in the 'before' picture..." Know today you are forgiven and you can move forward.  No need to live in the past and in guilt.

It might seem like there is a lot of dirt in front of you, but just start planting my friend.  You're still breathing which means it's not too late to start now!  You will be surprised at just how fast you begin to see life! 🌱 🌴 🌳



Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.
— Proverbs 4:23