A Soft Gesture

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Photo available in "shop"

Are your favorite relationships strained at times?  Or maybe a relationship you have with someone is always strained?

It could be with a co-worker, a neighbor, a parent, a spouse, a kid, or even just an acquaintance; maybe a disagreement you had with a clerk or something?

Sometimes talking (or even yelling) things out has gotten you nowhere. 

I would ask you to try a "soft answer" or "soft gesture."

It could be something as simple as a sweet text, a kind note, or maybe bringing someone some fresh flowers or homemade cookies. You fill in the blank of what might be natural for you.

Some people might consider this idea "sweeping the issue under the rug," or maybe people might say "you're getting stomped on."

I call it moving forward in peace.  I call it being the bigger person.  I call it heroic.  It takes a strong, confident person to be unaffected by the disagreement and just reach back after conflict with words or with a gesture of something good.

Maybe pausing for a minute today and thinking about a strained situation or relationship whether slight or large, and responding with a soft word or gesture will take the relationship to a peaceful place.  Ether way, what have you got to lose? 👊

A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.
— Proverbs 15:1