Anticipate With Excitement What is to Come

My husband and I had a fun day yesterday walking around Ashland and just enjoying the afternoon together. 

It was a gorgeous day, and you could feel fall coming as the mornings and evenings are so much crisper than they were even a week ago.

Jon's favorite time of the year is fall.  So he was super proud of this quote he found and would "drop it" yesterday at any possible opportunity. 😂 He said it to me several times, to the girl scooping up our ice cream, etc... This was the quote:

Fall is the second Spring where every leaf turns into a flower.

This is a glorious quote because it speaks of how beautiful God's creation is, and it makes me excited for the season to come.

A thought for today is that sometimes in life we are robbed of today because we are worried about the future season to come.  We needn't be as we know we have a loving Father that has already gone before our future... and it will be a victorious, beautiful season as we walk with our amazing and miraculous God. 

So let's find ourselves excited, prayerful, and anticipating a beautiful season that's on its way.  It'll be a season where we see God's handy work everywhere! 🍂