The Son/Sun Rises

Sunrise on the Sea of Galilee

Sunrise on the Sea of Galilee

I love the message my husband Jon has shared several times before, regarding the fact that the cross is the answer for every single thing.  The message he shares on this specifically is called "Cross Training."

This picture makes me think of the beauty of this truth.

Because of what Jesus did on the cross... Because the Son rose... The Sun rises.

Light shines in our day every day because of His beauty.  Because of his non-stop love for me and for you and for the whole world.

Let's all, each of us today, no exceptions... look to the cross and on through it to the Son shining there ready for us to be warmed by His love.  His grace.  Warmed by all that is good and lovely.  

Today is a day we can bask in that love! God is so good.  He is so beautiful.  His love is great!

For it is you who light my lamp; The Lord my God lightens my darkness.
— Psalms 18:28

Pops Speaks My Language

Me and Pops before the service yesterday

Me and Pops before the service yesterday

Pops (Everett Elder) speaks my language.

Pops has been through a lot!  More than I can certainly mention in this post... From his growing up years, to real life WW2 stories (the plane he was flying got shot... many friends died), daughter (Terry 29) and granddaughter (Jessica 16)  going to heaven at young ages, taking care of beautiful Nadine during her bout with dementia, etc... etc... etc...

Memorial Service 12-22-16

Memorial Service 12-22-16

But his life speaks to me because he has a "book worthy" story, but would never even think of writing a story of the "drama" he has been through... because he has never seen it like that.  In fact, I'm not kidding you when I say, if someone said "I am sorry for all you have gone through!" he would reply "What have I gone through?"  He wouldn't even get it.  And that's one of the main things I LOVE about him.

He is a man without guile. 

His life speaks to me so powerfully because he sees his life not in drama form, but in one way.  "Wow, God is such a GOOD God and He is so faithful."

He is full of good cheer and kindness.  He is a fun person to be around. always!

I love Pops. And he is a brilliant role model for us all.

Pops lives this verse:

Truly He (God) is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will not be shaken.”
— Psalm 62:6

Nadine Elder

Nadine and I July 4, 16 on her birthday.

Nadine and I July 4, 16 on her birthday.

I remember, just married, at the age of 19 years old, making the decision to fully involve and love on P.J., Jess, and Christy's grandparents before even meeting them:  Everett and Nadine Elder (Terry's parents).  

Little did I know, they would end up being some of my all-time FAVORITE people on the planet.  

They made the decision to move from Santa Cruz, California and come live by our family in Jacksonville, Oregon only a few years after I married Jon. They not only were (are) amazing grandparents to our 3 oldest kids, but were no different to Mary and Ben.  They would attend ALL 5 of the kids' games and events.  They would babysit and stay with the kids even while our being on a long trip to Israel.  They would always have encouraging words for all of us.  Papa tutored Mary in math and Grammy would sew Ben some Bible character clothing because as a little guy he would love to "act out" the Bible characters. Papa would give Peter his first computer and get him all set up in his room.  Grammy would sit and talk so graciously and sweetly full of wisdom to Christy and Jessie.  

Grammy went home to be with the Lord yesterday morning.  She SHINED... up to the very moment she went to heaven. I can't help but think about just how GOOD God is to bless me with her.  The love and closeness we shared is something I will treasure forever!  I strive to be like her.  That is, simply beautiful in every way!

I have so many personal memories of her.  Here are a few: Many years ago when I still had 5 kids running around the house and I had lots of house work to do, one of those busy days I was cleaning everywhere in our house and around our little property, I noticed at the end of the day that the diamond on my wedding ring got loose and fell off somewhere.  I searched everywhere and couldn't find it.  Nadine had heard about it and said "Honey, I have a diamond I want to give you."  It was a diamond she had had and insisted on having that put in my ring.  How special do you think this diamond is to me?  

I would come back from running errands only to find that not only had she spent a wonderful time with the kids, but she cleaned out my fridge as well. 

She personally sewed a bunch of my maternity clothes, needlepointed "Mother of the Year Award"  for me and framed it. And on and on I could go.

I remember feeling honored as she would confide in me as we had so many meaningful conversations. She was also a constant encourager to me all the time of all things God, Light and Beauty.  She made me feel loved and appreciated in every way!  

I love her and will miss her.  Yet the reality of who she was here on earth and the impact she made is something I will forever treasure. And her being in heaven this very moment fills my heart with joy beyond words. 




My hand with Nadine's... and my diamond... 

My hand with Nadine's... and my diamond... 


God is the Gift that keeps on Giving!
— Tambo

Saturday night I was able to share at our annual Women's Christmas Event.  It was so much fun seeing the girls that came out, and I believe we experienced such a glorious time together.

We discussed going HIGHER is NOTHING but GOOD and going HIGHER is all that is LIGHT and all that is BEAUTIFUL!

If you want to watch the service click below!

Love and Hugs to all of you!


What Do You See?

A photo taken from my recent trip to Rome.

A photo taken from my recent trip to Rome.

When you look at this picture what do you see?

Do you tend to say... "Look at the traffic."  "Bummer, the day looks gray,"  "Don't those people know motorcycles are so dangerous."  "Boy, that building needs a lot of work." 

Or do you tend to say... "Whoa, cool building!"  "Look at those amazing streets!" "Look at the pretty puffy clouds!" "How much fun does that look like on those motorcycles!" 

Now I am going to ask you... In your personal life, wether you are just going through an ordinary day or one of the biggest crises' you have ever been in... In the same way, what are you looking at and how are you viewing it?  What are you amplifying in your life?

It's a scary thing to sometimes do this but so very worth it... Talk to God and say "Father, help me to see things the way you do and reveal to me where I have not been seeing things right.  reveal to me where I am seeing the worst of things and literally magnifying the bad in others. Help me to live a life of thanksgiving and seeing all the beauty around and actually being a vessel to impart the Light of Christ in my personal life.  Help me to begin to walk in the Light... "  

God will blow your mind as you have courage enough to pray this.  Your life will turn into living color.  You will now be on a fresh path of life with the God of Love. 

Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.
— Philippians 4:8



Let There Be Light

Looking out my window from my studio it's dark.  Except for a tree I decided to put strings of light on the other day.  I wanted that tree to shine nice and bright and I wanted it all lit up and glistening pretty.

Is there some darkness in our lives? Anywhere?

I'm going to ask the Lord to show me any place in my life that is dark or has darkness there to light it up with all that is of Him.  Because I don't want to be dark.  Its destructive and never pretty.  

Our God is famous for bringing in light. He wants to "String up lights" in our lives.  His love will shine in and through us in every area of our lives!  So beautiful! 

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.
— Genesis 1:3

And now God says in our lives... "Let there be light," and there will be light!

God of HOPE

My youngest son Ben has recently heard from several TV networks, "We would love to air Hope Generation!" So now 🙌 Hope Generation with Ben Courson is airing on Direct TV Channel 367 at 7/10pm EST, and starting December 2nd he will be on Dish Channel 82 after Joyce Meyer 8/ll EST on Friday mornings. (You can go to Ben's website by going to for all the info, and you can actually watch the program from there as well).

This is so exciting to see the Lord opening up such big doors nationally! Ben's favorite verse is Romans 15:13 "Now may the God of HOPE fill you all with joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in HOPE by the power of the Holy Spirit."

Today I want my precious readers to know that the God of HOPE is there for every single individual.  There are no exceptions.  What or where in your life are you doubting the goodness of God or where do you need the light to infiltrate your life or circumstances?

HE. WILL. MEET. YOU.  He will bring HOPE and WILL. Deliver. YOU!

Take a short 28 minutes and watch one of Hope Generation's TV episodes aired a couple weeks ago.  You will "go away armed with the scriptures of HOPE" and you will realize "you are kids of the Psalms 47 King" and you will know "the God of HOPE who created the universe is YOUR Daddy!"

Watch here!

Don’t focus on your problems, focus on God’s promises.
— Ben Courson

Smile. It's a powerful weapon!

Grambo with Baby Ev! 😍

Grambo with Baby Ev! 😍

A couple weeks ago (pictured above) as I was holding my grandson Everett, I was thinking there is not a time that my heart isn't completely captured by his adorable genuine smile.  It truly gets me every time!

It makes me want to remind us all that Our Father loves LOVES to see us smile.  We are created in His image I believe for reasons just like this.  So that we are aware of the joy He feels when we smile.

Let's be those today looking for the good.  Let's be those that find reasons to smile because they are there. A smile is a powerful we smile our spirits begin being lifted up, and also it lifts the spirits around us.

As we smile, we will be making the Father smile. That's just cool!

A cheerful look brings joy to the heart...
— Proverbs 15:30